Technological Services

We offer a wide variety of technical services including:

  • Public Computers 
    • Adults
      • Windows 7
      • Windows 10
      • Express (15 minute) Computers
    • Kids
      • Windows 7
      • iPads
      • AWE (Computers pre-loaded with educational games)
  • Photocopies
    • Color
    • Black & White
  • Printing 
    • Color
    • Black & White
  • Faxing
  • Scanning
  • Free Wi-Fi

The printing cost is $.10 per page for black and white and $.50 per page for color.  Faxing cost is $1.00 per page.

All Tech services shut down automatically 15 min prior to close.

There are time restrictions and other regulations that must be observed when using our public computers. 

Studying and Meeting Rooms 

There are certain requirements and guidelines that must be met to reserve a room at the library. Please refer to our Meeting Room Policy for more information.

There are several rooms at the library availble for booking:

  1. Study Rooms
    • We have two study rooms available for booking. One of the study rooms can hold upto two people while the other can hold upto three people.
    • Study Rooms can be reserved in person at Information Zone or over the phone at (708)-748-3731 Ext. 24.
  2. Conference Room (4-12 people)
    • Our conference room can hold upto 12 people. A group must have at least four people to book the Conference Room. A group that has less than four people may be placed in the Conference Room only if both of the Study Rooms are occupied.
    • The Conference Room can be reserved in person at Information Zone or over the phone at (708)-748-3731 Ext. 24.
  3. The Lab (4-20 people)
    • The Lab is a multipurpose room at the library that serves as the Teen area after school, a space for certain library programs, and a meeting room at all other times. Because of this, The Lab may not be available for booking during all operating hours.
    • The Lab can hold upto 20 people. A group that has between 4-12 people will only be placed in The Lab if the Conference Room is occupied. A group that has less than 4 people may only be placed in The Lab if the Study Rooms and the Conference Room are occupied.
    • The Lab can be reserved in person at Information Zone or over the phone at (708)-748-3731 Ext. 24.
  4. Ringering Room
    • The Ringering Room can hold upto 80 people. It has A/V capabilites and is thus ideal for lectures and presentations.
    • Contact the Building Manager, George Manno, at (708)-748-3731 Ext. 22 to reserve the Ringering Room or to find out more information about reserving the Ringering Room.

Homebound Services

We offer FREE home delivery services to residents of Park Forest and Olympia Fields.  We can provide audiobooks, books (Regular and Large Type) CDs, DVDs, magazines or movies right to your doorstep.  For more information or to request this service, please call (708) 748-3731.

Bookdrop Locations

Our Book Drop Locations can be found at:

  • West side of the library's parking lot 
  • Park Forest Village Hall
  • Olympia Fields Post Office

Curbside Pickup

Pick up items from the library without leaving your car. Here's how:

  1. Select items from the library catalog online and place them on hold. You may also place items on hold by calling (708)-748-3731 Ext. 12. Please have your library card number ready before calling.
  2. You will get an automated notification (either via email or phone) when your items are ready for pick up.
  3. Come to to library and park in the designated "Curbside Pickup" spot (located behind the library).
  4. Call (708)-748-3731 Ext. 12 to let us know that you have arrived.
  5. We will check your items out to your account and bring them to your car. Please have an ID ready at this time.


Little Free Libraries

"Little Free Libraries" are stations where you can exchange books for free. Pick up any book that catches your attention free of charge. You may also leave books to share with others. Our "Little Free Libraries" are located at:

  • Downtown Park Forest (near the bus stop)
  • Lakewood Boulevard outside the Library
  • Forest Boulevard across from the Police Station
  • 211th St/Lincoln Hwy Metra Station
  • Sergeant Means Park

Test Proctoring

We offer proctoring for both Real Estate and College testing by reservation only.  Please call Thomas at (708) 748-3731 Ext. 27 or email to schedule your appointment.  You will need a valid ID.  Please provide all details at the time of your request.


We have a variety of formats available:

  • Large Print
  • Books
  • Digital Magazines & Periodicals
  • Audiobooks
  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • Playaways (pre-loaded audiobooks)
  • Video Games
  • E-Books
  • Digital Videos
  • Digital Audiobooks
  • Digital Music