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2018 Tax Forms

Form Form Detail Instructions
1040 U.S. Individual Income Tax Return Instruction
Schedule 1 Additional Income and Adjustments to Income Instruction
Schedule 2 Tax Instruction
Schedule 3 Nonrefundable Credits Instruction
Schedule 4 Other Taxes Instruction
Schedule 5 Other Payments and Refundable Credits Instruction
Schedule 6 Foreign Address and Third Party Designee Instruction
Schedule A Itemized Deductions Instruction
Schedule B Interest and Ordinary Dividends Instruction
Schedule C Profit or Loss From Business Instruction
Schedule C-EZ Net Profit From Business (Sole Proprietorship) Instruction
Schedule D Capital Gains and Losses Instruction
Schedule E Supplemental Income and Loss Instruction
Schedule EIC Earned Income Credit Instruction
Other Schedules Check the linked page for additional schedules N/A

For more information, visit IRS.gov

For Illinois Tax Forms, go here


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Spring is here if you are watching the calendar, or almost-here if you prefer to wait for the earth to wake up in full spring glory.  While you wait for all the miraculous natural scents of spring, join us on Wednesday, April 10 at 7 PM for “Aromatherapy Blending 101” to learn how to bring natural scents into your home environment year-round.  Learn how to create your own peaceful oasis. Last winter I took a 6-week class at Thorn Creek Nature Center on “Know Your Birds by Spring.”  My favorite lesson was learning to identify by name all the formerly “little gray birds” that visit my backyard.  There is something truly soul-enriching that comes from sitting still enough and looking closely enough to see the distinct markings and silhouettes of chickadees, juncos, nuthatches and all the rest of these merry souls. Please join us on April 20 at 2 PM in the Commons for naturalist Bob Bryerton’s “How to Attract Birds to Your Backyard.” 

See you there!



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