Many seniors are facing the problem of feeling disconnected and out of touch due to the rapidly changing world of technology: tablets, PCs, the Internet, Google, email and social media. Unfortunately, the information that seniors need is often only available on websites; phone numbers and a voice on the telephone are almost nonexistent.

-Tech sessions are held at the library in the Ringering Room-


 PFPL received grant funding for TECHNICAL PROGRAMS FOR SENIORS, and we've  purchased iPads and Kindle Fire's. Tech Tuesdays is designed for seniors to learn technology with indiviual attention provided by library staff.  Sessions are hands on and will covered basic iPad and Kindle Fire  operations: buttons/functions, Internet access, email, searches, photographs, and downloading eBooks. 

Sessions are 1 hour with 5 participants at a time.

First Session is on August 9, 2022 at 11:30AM

TECH for SENIORS is an easy and casual way for older adults to learn their technology. It's like a group sitting around the kitchen table demonstrating features of your smartphones and tablets. 

Participants are welcome to bring their own device to each session.

If you would like to sign up for a session, Please contact Katherine Goosby at or (708) 748-3731 ext.18