Location: Ringering Room

February 7th - "Interpretations: How I Interpret the Natural World Through Photography" by Rob Gunther

February 14th - "Picasso and his Paramours" by Maureen Cribbs

February 21st - "St. Valentine's Day Massacre" by Richard Lindberg

February 28th - "Cowboys & Indians: An African American Perspective" by Art Burton

March 7th - "African Divination Traditions and their Artifacts" by Arthur Bourgeois

March 14th - "Global Warming, Fact or Fiction" by Joe O'Gallagher

March 21st - "Charlotte Bronte: No Oridinary Parson's Daughter" by Suzanne Patterson

March 28th - "Matariki: The Maori, the Pleiades, and Navigating the Pacific Ocean" - by Jerome Julian

April 4th: "Helping Illinois Climb Out of its Fiscal Hole: A Graduated Income Tax" - by David Bonner

April 11th: "A Visit to Cuba" - by Al Sturges

April 18th - "Nutrition + Exercise = Fitness After 50" - by Mario Koonce